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B U S I N E S S   T R A V E L


ALLWORLD TRAVEL wants to be your trustful Travel Agency which takes care of the whole range of your business travel needs providing a personalized and professional service advising and supporting your travel management team at any time.

Once you bought the ticket we feel responsible for your trip from the beginning until the destination and back. In case of any unforeseen incident or problem during the trip, you can count on the support and help of our Travel Consultants who are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If a corporate company or International Organization books a certain volume of tickets with the same Airline Company, ALLWORLD TRAVEL can negotiate with this Airline to get a discount on the fares.

Service Contracts are proposed to stipulate the conditions of collaboration and the payment and credit facilities.

For International Organizations, Ministries and Private Companies ALLWORLD TRAVEL may suggest an alternative option of collaboration which consists in setting up within the premises of the Entity an “in house” Travel Service Station. The Travel Consultant responsible of this Travel Service Office stationed in the Entity will be integrated in the Company or Organization advising and supporting the general management controlling the travel budget and optimising the service of the whole range of business travel.  
For more information please contact ALLWORLD TRAVEL. It will be a pleasure to give you all the detailed information.